Victor Signore

My work is a coming together of opposites, embodying paradox: hard and soft, beauty and the grotesque, the corporeal and the psychological. I seek to synthesize these opposites, to dissolve these divisions in the hope of learning more of why we are the way we are. What does it mean to be human in an ever-changing world that is challenging that definition by the technology that dictates our lives? Themes that seem to surface in my work such as entropy, decay, fragmentation, paradox and the ways we experience our reality and the world through various channels of perception, communication and comprehension continually hold my attention.
I come to realize these inquiries through a variety of mediums including sculpture, video, sound, drawing and installation. Engaging the senses with relation to space, materials, objects and sound; I utilize the visceral/experiential quality and cultural significance of materials and re-contextualize pre-existing objects through the casting process. Creating a surreal tableau that attempts to disrupt preconceived notions and points of reference, allowing for new perspectives to be had. The use of non-traditional materials such as glycerin, salt, beeswax, honey, lead and iron employ a corporeal and sensory response that is immediate in both personal and collective experience and memory.
My recent work incorporates references to the body, pulling from various resources, such as archetypal symbolism and Jungian psychology to science and its predecessor, alchemy. I attempt to engage the viewer in a more direct way that evokes their physical presence in space while blurring the boundaries between mental and physical space.